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BubbaCast # 90

A new scheme for making some bling, goat updates, thoughts on the Bundy Ranch stand off, and bitter farmer updates

BubbaCast # 33

Barreling down the road, we take some feedback, touch on healthcare deform, lament the cost and extent of repairing our house, and scare the hell out of you with a discussion on genetic modification in the food supply.

Ordinance changes bother keepers of bees and chickens

It’s nonsense like this that really gets me going in the morning. Please if you have some time, contact Burgh Bees and see how you can assist. From The Pittsburgh Post Gazette By Diana Nelson Jones, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Proposed changes to the city ordinance dealing with the keeping of agricultural animals on city properties has [Continue]

Realtors React to Chicken Ordinance

In Columbia, realtors are claiming that allowing people to keep chickens is going to lower their property values. Wha?? Seriously?? You know, there are plenty of other places where ordinances allowing backyard poultry have been introduced, and I’ve yet to hear anything about declining property values. Nada. Zip. (And I actually keep up on that [Continue]

BubbaCast # 25

A short one today. I take some feedback, talk about big brother and how to deal with taxation on your hobby farm, and I even give you some politically correct holiday greetings.

She’s No Chicken

Hats off to Kathy Rubalcaba in Vermont. She’ll be on Backyard Poulty with The Chicken Whisperer radio show this week. The scenario she finds herself in is not unique. It’s playing out in suburbia across america as people come to learn more about backyard poultry keeping and the benefits associated with it. ———————— Full Article [Continue]