Tag: farming

BubbaCast # 90

A new scheme for making some bling, goat updates, thoughts on the Bundy Ranch stand off, and bitter farmer updates

BubbaCast # 89

Getting back in gear with some quick updates on bees and homeschooling

BubbaCast # 73

Like anything else, farming and homesteading can burn you out if we let it. Here’s how to fight farmer burnout!

BubbaCast # 56

We dive in and get all bubbly on the subject of aquaponics

BubbaCast # 51

Join me on my oh-so-slow afternoon commute where we take some outstanding feedback, and embark down the strange, socially-tumultuous road that is sustainable agriculture.

BubbaCast # 47

Another two parter where we take some great feedback and then talk about some things to consider when you decide to move to the country.

BubbaCast # 42

A follow up from last week’s show, on this BubbaCast we discuss some of the more practical aspects of harvesting and processing honey for the hobbyist beekeeper.