Category: Technology

BubbaCast # 90

A new scheme for making some bling, goat updates, thoughts on the Bundy Ranch stand off, and bitter farmer updates

BubbaCast # 84

We go through Obama’s recent executive actions and talk about some of the larger impacts of seemingly ‘common sense’ gun legislation.

BubbaCast # 82

All about so-called solar generators. Find us on: Stitcher | Prepper Podcast Radio Network | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter | Farm-Dreams | Zello Be part of the show! Call the Farm Phone: 740-5-MYFARM (740-569-3276) Music from the Free Music Archive Subscribe in a reader

BubbaCast # 81

Practical tools and tips to protect your online data. Resources from the show: Tor Project JonDo Hide My Ass Security Kiss CyberGhost (View Browser Headers) HTTPS Everywhere Ad Blocker Ghostery No Script WOT (Web of Trust) Better Privacy Do Not Track Plus Last Pass Startpage Duck Duck Go Private Sky Enlocked PGP Truecrypt Diskryptor [Continue]

BubbaCast # 69

We talk about some farmstead cures for seasonal allergies, take some feedback, and have a little fun with the news.

BubbaCast # 56

We dive in and get all bubbly on the subject of aquaponics

BubbaCast # 48

A lengthy BubbaCast where we talk about Christmas, go through some updates, take some great feedback, and explore the ins and outs of owning a well.

Court Backs Monsanto on Biotech Alfalfa

More from the front lines.. From: The New York Times In its first-ever ruling on genetically modified crops, the Supreme Court on Monday overturned a lower court’s ban on the planting of alfalfa seeds engineered to resist Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide. The decision was a victory for Monsanto and others in the agricultural biotechnology industry, with [Continue]