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Thoughts on Police Violence

Ya know… It’s no secret that I am a bitter, shriveled old man who’s outlook on life flirts with anarchism. With all the police violence in the news recently, I keep hearing that we just don’t understand what police go through, that we should walk a mile in their shoes, that they suffer all measures [Continue]

BubbaCast # 91

General updates, and about 40 minutes of ranting about what the EPA is trying to do – and what you can do to protect your rights.

BubbaCast # 90

A new scheme for making some bling, goat updates, thoughts on the Bundy Ranch stand off, and bitter farmer updates

BubbaCast # 88

Back from Boston with some updates, listener feedback, and looking for self sufficiency in an urban environment.

BubbaCast # 85

Shiny economic distractions, and springtime bee keeping.

BubbaCast # 84

We go through Obama’s recent executive actions and talk about some of the larger impacts of seemingly ‘common sense’ gun legislation.