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BubbaCast # 41

Listener feedback show with some swanky new bumper music!.

BubbaCast # 40

Brian and Laura come back from vacation, take some feedback, talk about new critters, try to buy a truck, itch like the dickens, keep deer out of the garden, and do some irrigation.. redneck style.

BubbaCast # 37

Join me on my way down to Baxley to pick up some bees. The first in a series of shows where we focus entirely on bees and beekeeping. We go over some interesting breaking developments in beekeeping amd discuss some of the microbial pathogens that our bees have to deal with.

BubbaCast # 23

We take some feedback, talk about the bee-koozies, giggle a little about mustache wax, and discuss the perils, pitfalls, problems and preparations to do with shopping for your hobby farm.

BubbaCast # 19

Part 2 of 2 where we drive around, I talk about our neighbor’s barn going up in flames, and finish up our discussion on goat breeds.

BubbaCast #18

Part 1 of 2 – Time to talk about goat breeds. More UMs and Uhhhs than a convention of Buddhist monks and we finally get the stall finished.

BubbaCast # 17

Guerrilla podcasting from the mobile studio today. Sorry folks. It was mobile or nothing this week. We give a recap on Inman Farm Heritage Days, finally get the horse on stall rest, pick a buttload of grapes, and talk about the agricultural side of dealing with flooding.

Thank You Inman Farm Heritage Days!

In the days leading up to our favorite festival of the year – the rain threatened, and then – unfortunately for us it then followed up and made good on the threat. In spades. Friday looked good, but Saturday was wet and muddy from the get go. I will say that given the rain, this [Continue]