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Thoughts on Police Violence

Ya know… It’s no secret that I am a bitter, shriveled old man who’s outlook on life flirts with anarchism. With all the police violence in the news recently, I keep hearing that we just don’t understand what police go through, that we should walk a mile in their shoes, that they suffer all measures [Continue]

Court Backs Monsanto on Biotech Alfalfa

More from the front lines.. From: The New York Times In its first-ever ruling on genetically modified crops, the Supreme Court on Monday overturned a lower court’s ban on the planting of alfalfa seeds engineered to resist Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide. The decision was a victory for Monsanto and others in the agricultural biotechnology industry, with [Continue]

BubbaCast # 37

Join me on my way down to Baxley to pick up some bees. The first in a series of shows where we focus entirely on bees and beekeeping. We go over some interesting breaking developments in beekeeping amd discuss some of the microbial pathogens that our bees have to deal with.

BubbaCast # 33

Barreling down the road, we take some feedback, touch on healthcare deform, lament the cost and extent of repairing our house, and scare the hell out of you with a discussion on genetic modification in the food supply.