Category: Gardening

BubbaCast # 88

Back from Boston with some updates, listener feedback, and looking for self sufficiency in an urban environment.

BubbaCast # 68

Daylight savings time has me all tripped up. Moths get laid, I can’t keep my time zones straight, and we talk about natural pest control methods.

BubbaCast # 50

Laura and I talk about new babies, gardening, and preparing for springtime.

BubbaCast # 43

Recorded on the way down to Sumner, GA to pick up hay. Anathema gives us a “Mystery Jam” shoutout from the farmers market, we get a new truck, talk about fall preps on the farm, and take some great feedback.

BubbaCast # 40

Brian and Laura come back from vacation, take some feedback, talk about new critters, try to buy a truck, itch like the dickens, keep deer out of the garden, and do some irrigation.. redneck style.

BubbaCast # 35

Join us for spring updates, great feedback, possum adventures, raised beds, window boxes, and other small scale farming techniques.

BubbaCast # 33

Barreling down the road, we take some feedback, touch on healthcare deform, lament the cost and extent of repairing our house, and scare the hell out of you with a discussion on genetic modification in the food supply.

Heirloom Seed Swap

Johnny Max and the Queen over at the Self Sufficient Homestead have just launched their free seed swapping website: Heirloom Seed Swap! Head over there and sign up today. We’ll likely be putting some of our seed up there later this season. Great job Johnny Max and the Queen, and thanks for providing such a [Continue]

BubbaCast # 32

Laura and I take some feedback, pontificate spring preps, talk about gardening, beekeeping, and other springtime activities. Laura would like to apologize for mistakenly referring to the Brandywine Tomato as a “Rutgers”.