Category: Craft Fairs

BubbaCast # 39

A long two-parter where we talk all about the ins and outs of selecting, preparing for, and participating in a local farmers market.

BubbaCast # 36

We take some great feedback. Jams, jellies, marmalades, and preserves, oh my! Farmstead updates. Chicken Incest! And we talk some about some of the fundamental answers to the question why?

BubbaCast # 20

Man, it’s cold! We take some feedback, I find a long time listener, talk about Fall Fling, install some gutters, make some Bee Koozies, and explore the many splendid aspects of mulch!

Thank You Inman Farm Heritage Days!

In the days leading up to our favorite festival of the year – the rain threatened, and then – unfortunately for us it then followed up and made good on the threat. In spades. Friday looked good, but Saturday was wet and muddy from the get go. I will say that given the rain, this [Continue]

BubbaCast # 16

Pressed for time this week. We get a great shoutout from Sean and Cim, talk about horses, curse the carpenter ants, and badmouth hicks that cannot tell the difference between a honeybee and a hornet.

BubbaCast # 15

We take some great feedback, talk about setting up webcams, give some updates on the gore-cat, hint at muscadine wine, and talk far too long about hay.

BubbaCast # 14

Uno, Dos, Tres, Catorce! For nearly an hour, show 14 finds me taking our inaugural voice mail, almost making it through the feedback without botching someone’s name, bidding farewell to our rooster, looking forward to Inman Farm Heritage Days, skirting the law.. maybe, and pontificating on the idea of setting up an outyard. Thanks for listening!