Category: Chickens

BubbaCast # 61

Driving into work, we take some great feedback, lament how cold it is, and talkk about using chickens to supplement your income. Find us on Stitcher! Now on the Prepper Podcast Radio Network! Tune in Tuesdays at 8 pm! Find us on Facebook! Watch us on Youtube! Music: Sean Hayes Call the Pollin Line: 740-5-MYFARM [Continue]

BubbaCast # 58

Driving to work in the rain, we discuss the ins and outs of egg grading and egg candling.

BubbaCast # 53

Part 1 of 2 where Laura and I go through some long overdue updates, take some great feedback, answer some listener questions and talk at length about buying and owning horses.

BubbaCast #49

Dead Bees, swollen goats, and sex-linked chicken breeding.

BubbaCast # 40

Brian and Laura come back from vacation, take some feedback, talk about new critters, try to buy a truck, itch like the dickens, keep deer out of the garden, and do some irrigation.. redneck style.

BubbaCast # 36

We take some great feedback. Jams, jellies, marmalades, and preserves, oh my! Farmstead updates. Chicken Incest! And we talk some about some of the fundamental answers to the question why?

BubbaCast # 35

Join us for spring updates, great feedback, possum adventures, raised beds, window boxes, and other small scale farming techniques.

BubbaCast # 32

Laura and I take some feedback, pontificate spring preps, talk about gardening, beekeeping, and other springtime activities. Laura would like to apologize for mistakenly referring to the Brandywine Tomato as a “Rutgers”.

Realtors React to Chicken Ordinance

In Columbia, realtors are claiming that allowing people to keep chickens is going to lower their property values. Wha?? Seriously?? You know, there are plenty of other places where ordinances allowing backyard poultry have been introduced, and I’ve yet to hear anything about declining property values. Nada. Zip. (And I actually keep up on that [Continue]

BubbaCast # 29

A real treat for you guys today. I get my beautiful wife and garden diva, Laura, in on the podcast action. We go through some updates, catch you up on the latest weimaraner suicide attempt, talk about a pending new addition to the farm, take some great feedback, and finally break the hour mark talking about seeds and gardening.