BubbaCast # 92

Some thoughts on bees while heading home from the 2014 Georgia Farm Bureau conference.

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Music: Drink to the Holly Berry by Ken and Lisa Theriot
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1 thought on “BubbaCast # 92

  • by Jason Bruns

    Interesting take on the varroa drifting. It will be interesting to see what kinda treatment guidelines come from this. In my area I find a lot of ferals. Population densities as several being in the same square mile. If there was any info on why drift would be less in in feral hives based on anything but a hypothesis that drift doesn’t happen in feral colonies could you pass that along?

    Also you are 100% correct on the reality factor of neonics. If not those then other foliar applications will be used. I use neonic coated corn seed so that I don’t have to use other agents. It is my belief that problems arise mor because of the use of compressors and air used to handle seed on these large planters.

    If Beeks would be more realistic and spend time thinking about these things it would be great. If application of seed is done by finger pickup planters I don’t see dead bees after planting…….

    Thanks for the podcast.

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